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Back Pain Treatment in Delhi

physiotherapy at home
physiotherapy at home

General reason of Lower Back Pain

Back pain can occur for different reasons. Sometimes minor movements can cause serious illness. and so Back pain Treatment need utmost attention
Common causes of back pain are

Muscle or ligament strain or sprain
Disc herniations
Muscle or Ligament Strain or sprain

Most common cause of back pain in young generation generally caused by lifting the heavy object, improperly lifting the object, a sudden twist, or sudden movement.
All these activities can cause the muscle or ligament to micro-tears, and these tears can be painful.

• Pain when moving, especially when standing and walking
• A dull, achy, throbbing sensation in the lower back

Disc Herniation

Known as the slipped disc common cause of chronic back pain.
A herniated disc is occurred by inflammation of the affected area and developing arthritis, which can compound the result in pain from the herniation.
Symptoms of Disc Herniation in the Lower Back

• A small increase in pain when bending forwards and sideways, but often bending backward relieves the pain(in any direction)
• Chronic, long-term pain in the lower back which is mainly one-sided


Osteoarthritis is caused by a gradual tear of the articular cartilage – which is the covering over the end of any bone. In the lower back, the facet joints (joints between 2 vertebrae) are weight-bearing joints.
Symptoms of Spinal Osteoarthritis

• Tenderness of the area on touching
• Chronic pain that is achy, different levels of severity
• Pain and stiffness noticeable in changing position from sitting to standing
• Walking a little bit feel better, but running is painful.

Best Physiotherapy Treatments for Back Pain

• Back pain is a challenging experience for those who are suffering from this. Due to the nature of the symptoms,
• Best Physiotherapy for back pain treatment required appropriate training, education, and experience to get best Physiotherapy Treatment.
• We first work on Understanding of Your Pain
• Our physiotherapists start with a detailed assessment of your symptoms. We also conduct a detailed physical examination of your spine, and of the problem areas in particular.
• Manual/Manipulative Therapy
• If proper, manual therapy by certified and experienced physiotherapist used to unlock the tight joint. This process is especially beneficial for improving range of motion.

Ergonomic care 

• In many cases, improved posture would help improve pain symptoms. Physiotherapists assist by teaching the correct posture for specific tasks, helping you improve control of your core muscles, while also working to promote healing and relieve pain.
• Strengthening Exercises
• By best physiotherapist, special exercises aimed at improving core strength are proven to help to decrease chronic pain. This is one area where working with a physiotherapist is very beneficial.
• Physiotherapists, after assessing your flexibility, the range of motion, and causes of symptom flare-ups will create an exercise program designed to strengthen core muscle groups, improve stability, and promote good posture.

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