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Top Physiotherapist

Physio Adviser India works with the Best Physiotherapist in Delhi to provide the relief to their patients which they have been waiting for long.
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Home Service

Physiotherapy Home Services in Delhi, We want to make sure that anybody who needs Physiotherapy gets best Physiotherapy treatment so we offer a Home Visit service.
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Affordable prices

The cost of physiotherapy treatment is an important factor when selecting a rehabilitation provider. But physiotherapy fees aren’t the whole story. We care for patients.
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Our Services

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Get the best Orthopaedic Physiotherapy in Delhi

Neurology Physiotherapy

Get the best Neurology Physiotherapy in Delhi
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Sports Physiotherapy

Get the best Sports Physiotherapy
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Cardiac Rehablitation

Get the best cardiac rehablitation center
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Women Health – Pre - Post Natal Care

Women health – pre post natal care

Ergonomics Clinic

Get the Best Ergonomics Clinic in Delhi
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Dry Needling

Get the best Dry Needling
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Soft Tissue Injury Treatment

Get the best soft tissue injury treatment
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Manual Therapy

Get the best manual Physical Therapy
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Weight Management Programme

Get the best Weight Management Programme
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Geriatric Rehabilitation

Get the Best Geriatric Rehabilitation
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Clinical Gym

Get the best Clinical Gym
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PAI physio’s mission is to work with patients, providing them with our expertise and knowledge in rehabilitation, health and fitness as they return to their optimal functional level. A goal oriented, progressive and time limited therapy program is our ideal in restoring our patients to peak performance.

We believe that education about your problem enables a better understanding of the problem and will ultimately ensure your recovery is better and more complete. We aim to empower you to manage your own condition and to ensure that you do not become reliant on physiotherapy..

Every patient is extremely important to us. We want you to have the best experience of physiotherapy management when you attend our practice. This includes your physiotherapy treatment, your health outcome and your encounter with our staff. Your complete musculoskeletal health is our priority

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